About GoINNO

We are all about STEM

About us

GoINNO team comprises passionate STEM professionals with one vision – to present STEM as fun and easily understandable. We believe in one important scientific equation:
Science = play = children like to play = children learn.


Our biggest passion is explaining science to lay audiences. Therefore, we are developing programmes and curricula for teaching science to kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers and children.


We have also started to develop STEM distance learning materials from the beginning of the Corona pandemic therefore, GoINNO Institute has all the necessary equipment to film high-quality videos and other multimedia contents for distance learning.

Increasing the awareness of STEM

GoINNO Institute is an NGO (a non-profit private organisation) dedicated to science outreach and STEM education.


GoINNO Institute’s goal is to increase the awareness of STEM importance and to excite the young generation to start loving science and maybe someday pursue their studies in the STEM area.


By offering children a positive experience in the STEM area more talents can be discovered and more children can realise what lights a spark in their eyes and draws a big smile on their faces.

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